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GXOS API contains several packages

  • GXO Specifications
    [detailed documentation coming soon]
    Original document in MS Excel format.
  • GXOS & GNDI API Architecture
  • GXOS Schema 
    [detailed documentation coming soon]
    The implementation of GXOS XML Schema. This package performs XML Java binding. Every XML object has a corresponding Java class. A Java object (=GXOS instance) can be created dynamically (created in memory), can be marshaled to an XML file, and unmarshaled from an XML file.
  • GNDI
    [detailed documentation coming soon]
    This package extends JNDI features. It provides necessary functionality for object retrieval using Garnet internal naming (i.e. //Education/Users/jdoe), sub context creation and destroy, binding and unbinding an GXOS object with a GXOS name, and listing objects contained by a context. In GNDI, every GXOS collection is a context.

    GNDI utilizes File System JNDI which is another service provider for JNDI. Every file URL, i.e. file:///gxosroot/Education/Users/jdoe is converted back and forth to a GXOS name, i.e. //Education/Users/jdoe.
  • GXOS Architectural and Factory Classes
    [detailed documentation coming soon]
    This is the main package which implements GXOS Execution Model for clients. GCS root context, meeting contexts, sharedlets, events, and relationships between these objects are implemented by this package. [still under construction]

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  • API Documentation [frequently updated]
  • API Examples 
  • Tutorial [coming soon]
  • Architecture Summary [5/2/01]
  • XML Schema

    GXOS Editor

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    Package Revision History

    • Last updated on 10/18/2001.
    • V0.3.2 released on 10/18/2001.
    • V0.1.6 released on 5/28/2001.
    • First draft on 4/13/01.
    • See history.txt here.